Wearable Latex Art is an ingenious technique. The technique is a combination of drawing, painting and sculpting. We DO NOT use molds or die cutting. Each piece is made by hand, one at a time by real human beings. We know of no one else on the planet who currently does this.We mix acrylic paint with our latex; all of our colors are mixed by us thus we have nigh infinite range of color with which we can work.

The color mixed latex is stored for use in tubes that are much like the dressing bottles you see in Subway sandwich shops.
From these bottles we “squeeze” the latex onto a flat surface, drawing the design as well as shaping it with the tip of the tube. Details and depth are applied wet on wet.

Then the piece is left in the drying closet to air dry.
The finished piece is a low relief wearable sculpture: necklace, choker, bracelet, necktie, anklet, pasties etc. And can be as detailed as a portrait or as simple as modern art.

Thus was born the term “squeezing” as an A R T W O R D.